FTC Continues Efforts to Protect Consumers from COVID-19-Related Scams

  • The FTC issued letters to 50 companies warning them to stop making false and unsubstantiated marketing claims that their products can cure or prevent COVID-19. The letters were issued to companies that market a wide variety of products and therapies, including supplements and herbal medicines, acupuncture, nebulizers, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and scalar frequencies. As previously reported, the FTC has sent three rounds of similar letters to other marketers in recent weeks.
  • The FTC and the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) sent joint letters to voice-over-Internet-protocol (“VoIP”) providers Intelepeer Cloud Communications, LLC, PTGi International Carrier Services, Inc., and RSCom Ltd. warning them to cease routing and transmitting illegal COVID-19-related scam robocalls and that failure to stop this activity could result in the FCC authorizing other U.S. providers to block all calls from these VoIP providers, and/or enforcement actions.
  • The FTC and the FCC also sent a joint letter to USTelecom – The Broadband Association (“Association”) thanking the Association for identifying the originators of unlawful robocalls and notifying its members that, if any of the identified providers continues to route or transmit such robocalls on its network, the FCC will authorize other U.S. providers to block all calls coming from that provider, among other things. As previously reported, the FTC and FCC also sent similar joint letters to three other VoIP companies and to the Association in April.