FTC Orders Social Media and Streaming Platforms to Outline Efforts to Combat Deceptive Advertisements

  • The FTC issued orders to eight social media and video streaming platforms—Meta Platforms, Inc.; Instagram, LLC; YouTube, LLC; TikTok Inc.; Snap Inc.; Twitter, Inc.; Pinterest, Inc.; and Twitch Interactive, Inc.—requiring them to provide information regarding how the companies detect, prevent, and reduce deceptive commercial advertising and online shopping fraud on their platforms.
  • The orders require each company to file a Special Report with information such as its mechanisms offered to users to report or flag misleading, deceptive, and fraudulent advertisements; procedures for vetting advertisers and for enforcing advertisement standards; and use of disclosures to ensure that paid advertisements are recognizable to users as such.
  • The FTC says that the information collected will be used to gain an understanding of how prevalent deceptive advertising is on social media and streaming platforms, the effectiveness of the platforms’ oversight over advertisers, and the types of consumers who are most likely to be harmed by deceptive advertisements, among other things.