Google Reaches Settlement with AGs from 50 States, D.C., and PR on Google Play Store Antitrust Allegations

  • Google LLC reached a settlement with a bipartisan coalition of AGs from all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico, to resolve antitrust allegations regarding the company’s mobile app store, two months ahead of a scheduled trial date.
  • We previously covered the filing of the AGs’ complaint, which alleged in part that Google uses exclusionary contracts to stop equipment manufacturers from developing their own app stores and to force them to preload its Google Play Store on all Android devices; that the company imposes onerous technical barriers to discourage or prevent third-party app developers from distributing their apps outside of the Google Play Store on Android devices; and that it unlawfully ties the use of Google’s payment processor—a stand-alone service—to distribution through the Google Play Store and is thereby able to charge transaction processing fees far higher than fees charged in competitive markets.
  • A stipulated proposed order regarding the settlement agreement sets forth that the AGs expect to file an amended complaint that will include all settling jurisdictions, and that they will submit an agreement for court approval in approximately 30 days.