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Right-to-Repair Legislation Wins Bipartisan AG Support

A bipartisan coalition of 27 AGs wrote a letter to Congressional leaders urging them to protect farmers and other consumers by passing Right-to-Repair legislation targeting automobiles, agricultural equipment, and digital electronic equipment. The letter explains that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) often control access to the electronic parts needed to repair these types of consumer goods,…

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Security Companies Ordered by FTC to Drop Non-Compete Agreements for Low-Wage Workers

The FTC issued finalized consent orders to settle allegations that Prudential Security, Inc. and Prudential Command Inc. and their owners (collectively, “Prudential Security”) violated the FTC Act through the unfair use of post-employment covenants not to compete, commonly referred to as “non-compete agreements.”

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FTC Opposes Merger of Nation’s Two Largest Mortgage Loan Origination Systems Providers

The FTC issued a complaint against Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. and Black Knight, Inc., alleging that the proposed merger of the nation’s two largest providers of home mortgage loan origination systems (LOS) would violate the FTC Act and the Clayton Act. According to the complaint, the merger would allow the companies to raise costs for lenders…

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AGs Join U.S. DOJ in Objecting to JetBlue’s Acquisition of Spirit Airlines

The Massachusetts, New York, and the District of Columbia AGs joined the U.S. DOJ in filing an antitrust lawsuit challenging JetBlue Airways Corporation’s proposed acquisition of Spirit Airlines, Inc., arguing the acquisition violates Section 7 of the Clayton Act and should be enjoined.

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Google Sued by States and U.S. DOJ over Alleged Anticompetitive Conduct in Digital Ad Tech Space

A bipartisan coalition of eight AGs and the U.S. Department of Justice filed an antitrust suit against Google LLC alleging anticompetitive, monopolistic conduct regarding digital advertising technologies in violation of the Sherman Act.

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