Mississippi AG Sues Manufacturers Over Alleged Insulin Pricing Scheme

  • Mississippi AG Lynn Fitch sued drug manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers (“PBMs”) for allegedly working together to manipulate and inflate insulin prices in violation of the Mississippi Consumer Protection Act and state civil conspiracy laws.
  • According to the AG’s Office, the defendant companies raised the reported prices of their respective insulin products by up to 1,000 percent over the course of the last decade through an unlawful conspiracy between the PBMs and manufacturers, in which the manufacturer defendants used the artificially raised prices to pay kick-backs to PBMs through rebates, discounts, credits, and administrative fees. The AG’s Office alleges the defendants raised reported prices within days of each other even though insulin production costs have declined.
  • As previously reported, former Minnesota AG Lori Swanson and former Kentucky AG Andy Beshear filed complaints over similar allegations involving insulin price inflation.