Multistate AG Coalition Settles with Google for $391.5 Million over Consumer Location Data Collection

  • A group of 40 AGs reached an agreement with Google LLC over the company’s alleged violation of each state’s consumer protection laws by misleading consumers about when it was recording their movements.
  • According to the settlement, Google allegedly gave the false impression that when users turned off location tracking services, the company would no longer collect geolocation data about them when, in reality, it continued to amass this data and then offered it to digital marketers to use for advertising purposes.
  • Under the terms of the $391.5 million settlement, Google must provide users with additional information when a location-related setting is turned on or off, make key information about location tracking “unavoidable” for users, and provide detailed information about the types of location data it collects and uses, among other things.
  • The AGs sued Google over these allegations in January 2022, which we previously wrote about here. In October 2022, Arizona AG Mark Brnovich separately reached a settlement agreement with Google to resolve the same allegations, which we previously wrote about here.