Rent-A-Center’s Alleged Consumer Harassment Tactics Lead to $8.75 Million Settlement

  • Massachusetts AG Andrea Joy Campbell settled with Rent-A-Center, Inc. to resolve allegations that the rent-to-own company violated state consumer protection laws and debt collection regulations by engaging in coercive and abusive conduct towards consumers who failed to make rental payments.
  • AG Campbell alleges that Rent-A-Center improperly used the threat of arrest or prosecution as a debt collection tool and filed applications for criminal larceny complaints against consumers who fell behind on rental payments. The company also allegedly engaged in other harassment techniques, including calling consumers’ phones excessively in order to collect on debts and failing to notify consumers of home visits and repossession attempts.
  • Under the terms of the settlement, Rent-A-Center must pay $8.75 million to the state. In addition, the company is prohibited from filing unfounded criminal complaints against consumers for missing payments and from making excessive and harassing phone calls to consumers for debt collection purposes. The company will also help the AG’s office identify harmed consumers for possible restitution.
  • As we previously reported, California settled with Rent-A-Center in 2022 for $15.5 million over alleged failures to adequately inform consumers of their contractual rights.