Republican AGs Urge End to Pause on Liquified Natural Gas Exports

  • A group of 22 Republican AGs wrote a letter to President Biden and the Department of Energy criticizing the announcement of a pause on new approvals for exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG).
  • In the letter, the AGs criticize the freeze as unlawful, arguing the Energy Department has no authority to issue blanket denials of export permits absent Congressional approval. They also argue that the pause would harm the economy, noting that the U.S. was the world leader in natural gas production and top exporter of LNG in 2023, and that the industry supports millions of U.S. jobs. Finally, the AGs argue that the freeze will hurt national security, as the U.S. provides LNG to its allies, who may be forced to turn to other suppliers – including Russia, China, or Iran – in the absence of U.S. exports.
  • The AGs ask President Biden and the Department of Energy to end the pause immediately.