Texas Attorney General Launches Probe of GoFundMe over Suspension of Fundraiser for Canadian Truckers Protesting Vaccine Mandates

  • Texas AG Ken Paxton issued a Civil Investigative Demand under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act to crowdsourcing platform GoFundMe Inc. over GoFundMe’s removal of a fundraising campaign for the Canadian truckers “Freedom Convoy” protesting vaccine mandates that effectively shut down the Canadian capital of Ottawa and several US-Canada border crossings.
  • The CID seeks information, documents, and communications regarding GoFundMe’s decision to remove the “Freedom Convoy” fundraiser, its policies and procedures regarding reports of campaign beneficiaries engaging in violence or unlawful conduct, and any instances in which GoFundMe refunded donations to fundraisers in the past, among other things.
  • The CID sets a deadline of February 28, 2021, for GoFundMe to comply with the production demands.