When The Ambulance Chases You…Massachusetts Attorney General Settles Allegations of Illegal Debt Collection by Ambulance Company

  • Massachusetts AG Maura Healey reached a settlement with ambulance company Trinity EMS Inc. and its debt collection firm, Stevens Business Services, Inc. (collectively “Trinity”) to resolve allegations of aggressive and misleading collection actions in violation of Massachusetts’s Consumer Protection Law and the AG’s Debt Collection Regulations.
  • The AG’s office alleged that Trinity’s lawyer illegally threatened consumers with arrest and imprisonment for failing to pay their ambulance bills. The AG’s office further alleged that the threatened consumers were primarily low income, dealing with significant medical issues, and spoke English as a second language.
  • Under the terms of the Assurance of Discontinuance, Trinity is enjoined from threatening arrest or imprisonment to collect its debts and is required to cancel $1.6 million in debt, pay $50,000 to the AG’s office to be used for restitution, and help repair the credit of all consumers sued by Trinity’s attorney, among other things.