Wisconsin AG and FTC Team Up to Bring Suit over Alleged $90 Million Timeshare Exit Scam

  • Wisconsin AG Josh Kaul and the FTC filed a lawsuit against Consumer Law Protection, LLC and its affiliated entities and owners (collectively, “Consumer Law Protection”) for allegedly violating the state’s consumer protection laws, the FTC Act, and the Cooling-Off Rule by operating a fraudulent timeshare exit scheme that targeted senior citizens.
  • According to the complaint, Consumer Law Protection allegedly lured consumers to high-pressure sales presentations during which it would falsely represent that the only way the consumers would be able to exit their timeshares was to work with the company, and that it deceived consumers into paying more than $90 million for timeshare exit services that were not delivered.
  • The lawsuit, the latest in a series of such suits by AGs against so called “timeshare rescue companies,” seeks penalties and injunctive relief, among other things.