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AG Ellison Accuses Dairy Producer of Milking Workers Dry

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison filed a lawsuit against Evergreen Acres Dairy, LLC and affiliated entities and individuals (collectively, “Evergreen”) alleging that the dairy producer violated Minnesota wage and hour laws and rental housing laws by depriving low-wage employees of earned wages and illegally deducting rent for onsite housing that failed to meet standards of habitability.…

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AG Ellison Seeks to Dissolve Nonprofits that Profited at Expense of Needy Children

Minnesota AG Keith Ellison filed 23 lawsuits seeking to shut down nonprofit corporations that allegedly defrauded the Federal Child Nutrition Program by falsely claiming to serve meals to children in need while pocketing the funds received. In the lawsuits, AG Ellison alleges that the entities were created or revived around the start of the COVID-19…

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