AGs Voice Concern Over Surge of Illegal Disposable E-Cigarettes Targeting Youth

  • A bipartisan group of 33 AGs led by North Carolina AG Josh Stein sent a letter urging the FDA and Center for Tobacco Products to swiftly formulate and implement a strategic plan that adequately protects public health from the glut of child-friendly flavored disposable e-cigarettes currently on the market. In the letter, the AGs recommended prohibiting all non-tobacco flavors in e-cigarettes, enacting evidence-based limitations on nicotine in e-cigarettes, restricting marketing that attracts the youth, and closing the “disposable loophole”.
  • In addition, Indiana AG Todd Rokita sent a letter to the FDA expressing concern about the increasing use and marketing of illegal disposable e-cigarettes among the youth. While acknowledging the FDA’s recent interventions, like flagging dangerous e-cigarette exporters on the FDA’s “import red list” and issuing warning letters to producers, AG Rokita underscored that these measures are insufficient. He highlighted concerns about child-friendly flavored e-cigarettes, their availability to the youth, and the alarming potential of these products containing fentanyl.
  • AG Rokita suggested the FDA take enforcement actions against all illegal disposable e-cigarette products, not just some of them, and publish a definitive product list of illegal disposable e-cigarettes to provide clear guidance to law enforcement, wholesalers, and retailers.