Bipartisan AGs Tell Health Care Company to Step Up Response to Cyber Attack

  • A multistate coalition of 17 Democratic and 5 Republican AGs wrote a letter to UnitedHealth Group Inc. urging the company to improve its response following a cyberattack on its subsidiary Change Healthcare, which provides a data clearinghouse used by providers, pharmacies, and insurers.
  • In the letter, the AGs note that in the wake of a February 2024 cyberattack, which resulted in a lengthy disconnection and subsequent limited restoration of Change Healthcare’s platform services, the AGs are receiving increasingly dire messages from facilities, care providers, and patients in their states reporting disruptions to care and prescription drug access, catastrophic billing and payment backlogs, and other problems stemming from the extended breakdown of Change Healthcare’s services.
  • The letter describes UnitedHealth Group’s and Change Healthcare’s response and efforts to restore service as inadequate, and urge them to take immediate steps to protect the states’ health care infrastructure, including expanding financial assistance to all affected parties, protecting providers’ and pharmacies’ business information, suspending certain documentation requirements, providing a dedicated help-line for affected parties and inform them of steps to preserve claims and receive prompt reimbursement, quickly resolving claims backlog and ensure prompt payment, providing a dedicated complaint resolution mechanism for state AGs and other state agencies, and informing anyone whose data was compromised what steps are needed to mitigate future identity theft or systems risks.