EPA’s PFAS Drinking Water Rule Wins AG Support

  • A coalition of 17 AGs filed comments in support of an EPA proposal that would set enforceable national drinking water standards for six per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).
  • The AGs’ comments emphasize that the residents of their states face substantial threats from PFAS and argue that the EPA has authority to set national standards for the substances.
  • The AGs ask the EPA to make technical and engineering resources available to public water systems so that the financial burden of removing PFAS does not fall unfairly on customers. They also urge the EPA to issue the final rule as quickly as possible and consider setting standards for other PFAS, given the toxicity of the substances and their threat to public health.
  • Many states have recently filed lawsuits against manufacturers of PFAS – see our coverage of some of the lawsuits here.