Florida AG Secures Nearly $2.1 Million in Student Debt Relief

  • Florida AG Ashley Moody, joined by nine other state AGs, has settled with Argosy University, a private educational institution which abruptly shut its doors in 2019. The settlement secured nearly $2.1 million in private debt relief for Argosy students to pay off private loans received through the school.
  • The states alleged that Argosy made misrepresentations to prospective and current students about the “high quality professional education programs” and career services for graduates available at the school in order to increase enrollment. The states further alleged that, in order to afford Argosy’s high tuition, many students had to obtain institutional loans issued by Argosy, but when Argosy closed, the students were left with little recourse for the significant debt they incurred to attend the school.
  • In addition to securing the cancellation of the institutional loan debt, the settlement prohibits negative credit reporting against students relating to the institutional loans.