FTC Sues Shoe Company Over Unsubstantiated Pain Relief Claims

  • The Federal Trade Commission sued Gravity Defyer Medical Technology Corporation and its owner, Alexander Elnekaveh, (collectively, “Gravity Defyer”) over allegations that Gravity Defyer made extensive false claims of unproven pain relief for wearers of its shoes in violation of the FTC Act, and the FTC further alleged that the owner violated a 2001 FTC Order arising barring Elnekaveh from making misrepresentations through user testimonials or about tests, studies, or research.
  • The complaint alleges that, since at least 2016, Gravity Defyer has advertised a wide range of shoes as clinically proven to relieve pain for a variety of conditions, including knee, back, ankle, and foot pain, plantar fasciitis, arthritis, joint pain, and heel spurs, based on a clinical study that is substantially flawed and insufficient to support these claims.
  • The complaint seeks permanent injunctive relief and monetary civil penalties for violation of the 2001 Order, among other things.