FTC Wins Injunction Against Coating Company For Misleading R-Value Claims

  • A federal District Court awarded the FTC summary judgment in a lawsuit against F&G International Group Holdings, LLC; FG International, LLC and J. Glenn Davis (collectively, “FG”) that enjoins FG from making deceptive claims about the insulating capabilities of its coating products in violation of the FTC Act.
  • According to the Order, FG knowingly falsely claimed that its coating product FGI-4440 resisted heat flow far in excess of its actual capabilities, citing outdated, unverified studies that, among other things, were not performed by a third-party testing lab. The FTC also alleged that FG periodically altered the test results in communications to consumers.
  • In its Permanent Injunction Order, the U.S. District Court granted permanent injunctive relief prohibiting FG from misrepresenting the capabilities of its products, making unsubstantiated comparisons, or providing others with the instrumentality or means to make such claims, among other things.