Google and iHeartMedia Settle with Multistate AG Coalition over Pixel 4 Radio Endorsements

  • A group of 6 AGs and the FTC settled with Google LLC and iHeartMedia, Inc. over the companies’ alleged violation of the states’ consumer protection laws and the FTC Act by airing false endorsements of Google’s Pixel 4 cell phone. Texas AG Ken Paxton joined in the settlement against iHeartMedia but not Google.
  • According to the FTC’s complaint, iHeartMedia radio personalities allegedly endorsed the phone as though they owned or regularly used it, even though many of them had not, and Google promoted these endorsements despite knowing that the endorsers had not used its product.
  • Under the terms of the FTC settlement, Google and iHeartMedia must cease airing false endorsements. Under the terms of the state settlements, the companies must do the same, Google is required to pay $9 million to the states, and iHeartMedia is required to pay $400,000 to the states.