Rhode Island Company Allegedly Operated a “Going Green” Grift

  • Rhode Island AG Peter F. Neronha filed a lawsuit against Smart Green Solar, LLC and its CEO (together, “Smart Green”) for allegedly violating the Rhode Island Deceptive Trade Practices Act by engaging in deceptive practices in the sale of solar panels.
  • According to the complaint, Smart Green’s door-to-door salespeople promised consumers they would receive a payment for 30% of their purchase price from the government under the federal Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit, even though the tax credit was not guaranteed. Smart Green also allegedly engaged in other misleading sales practices, including deceptively structuring loans and conducting transactions entirely on electronic devices to allow salespeople to rush through the contracting process and necessary disclosures.
  • AG Neronha seeks a permanent injunction barring Smart Green from making misrepresentations regarding the cost of a solar panel system or a consumer’s eligibility for the Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit, or engaging in the other deceptive practices alleged in the complaint, as well as restitution and civil penalties.