States Want California To Leave Their Bacon Alone

  • A group of 16 AGs wrote a letter to Congressional leadership urging the passage of the Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression (“EATS”) Act, which is intended to preserve states’ authority to regulate agriculture within their own borders.
  • In the letter, the AGs criticize the Supreme Court’s decision in National Pork Producers Council v. Ross upholding California’s Proposition 12, a law requiring out-of-state pork producers to comply with certain strict regulations to sell their products within California. The AGs assert that because California buys about 13% of the nation’s pork, Proposition 12 essentially allows the state to dictate pork production nationwide and impose its “radical climate change agenda” on out-of-state farmers and ranchers, which could lead to many of them going out of business.
  • The letter asks Congress to pass the EATS Act to stop California’s alleged overreach and preserve the rights of states and local governments to regulate agriculture within their jurisdictions.