10 AGs, FTC Claim Women’s Cancer Fund Misappropriated Donor Funds

  • A bipartisan coalition of 10 AGs has joined the FTC in filing a lawsuit against Cancer Recovery Foundation International, Inc., doing business as the Women’s Cancer Fund, and its operator (collectively, the “Women’s Cancer Fund”) alleging that the charity and its operator misappropriated donor funds for personal and for-profit use, in violation of the FTC Act, Telemarketing Sales Rule and state charitable solicitation laws.
  • According to the complaint, between 2017 and 2022, the Women’s Cancer Fund collected more than $18.25 million, promising the funds would support women cancer patients with basic living expenses, such as rent, utilities and food for their children. The complaint alleges that nearly 90 percent of the money was paid directly to the charity’s president and for-profit fundraisers, with only 1% actually benefiting women with cancer.
  • The lawsuit seeks a preliminary injunction and ancillary relief during the pendency of the action, including an accounting of assets and expedited discovery. Additionally, the complaint seeks a permanent injunction preventing future violations of the FTC Act, state charity laws, and the Telemarketing Sales Rule, in addition to reimbursement for costs and attorney’s fees and the imposition of civil penalties, consumer restitution, and related remedies.