FTC Attempts to Stop Illegal Overseas Robocalls by Targeting VoIP Service Providers

  • The FTC has implemented Project Point of No Entry (PoNE), a new effort to crack down on illegal overseas robocalls targeting U.S. consumers.
  • The project targets enforcement efforts at “point of entry” or “gateway” Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers. Through Project PoNE, the FTC will identify VoIP service providers that route or transmit illegal calls and demand they stop doing so, warning them that their conduct may violate the Telemarketing Sales Rule. The Commission will then monitor the VoIP service providers to ensure compliance, opening law enforcement investigations and filing lawsuits when necessary.
  • To date Project PoNE has discovered 24 VoIP service providers responsible for routing and transmitting illegal robocalls to U.S. consumers. Traceback data shows that after being contacted by the FTC, 22 of the 24 targets significantly curbed or altogether stopped the flow of illegal robocalls into the U.S. over their networks.
  • We have previously written about FTC efforts to combat illegal robocalls here.