“Lead Generation Loophole” Should be Targeted in Fight Against Illegal Robotexts, Say AGs

  • A bipartisan group of 28 AGs wrote a letter to the FCC in support of the Commission’s proposed efforts to combat illegal robotexts and robocalls.
  • The letter supports the FCC’s proposal to extend Do-Not-Call Registry protections to robotexts, as well as its proposal to require wireless telecommunications companies to investigate and block the texts of senders suspected of transmitting illegal texts.
  • The AGs also urge the FCC to address the so called “lead generator loophole” that occurs when an entity offers an online service, such as an insurance quote, in return for the consumer’s consent to receive texts from a business and “partner companies.” According to the AGs, some businesses will then provide the consumer’s phone number and “consent” to thousands of other entities. The AGs ask the FCC to make clear that consent only applies to a single entity at a time.