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NAAG Hosts Antitrust Bootcamp: Recap

State AG Group member Chris Allen attended the National Association of Attorneys General’s Eastern Region Meeting, held August 1-3, 2023 in Connecticut in conjunction with the Attorney General Alliance. The meeting included an “Antitrust Bootcamp” that surveyed the history and current state of and future challenges for state and federal antitrust enforcement. AGs from 9 states and Puerto Rico were in attendance, plus senior staff and antitrust AAGs from at least 10 additional states.

In this three part series he summarizes panels that analyzed 1) the history and development of antitrust law and its applicability the modern economy; 2) state-federal cooperation and the need for bipartisan coordination to continue; and 3) non-competes, AI and healthcare as each of these topics relates to antitrust.

NAAG Hosts Antitrust Bootcamp: What The History Of Antitrust Means For Today’s Economy

NAAG Hosts Antitrust Bootcamp: State/Federal Cooperation Is Key

NAAG Hosts Antitrust Bootcamp: Antitrust Issues Related To Non-Competes, AI And Healthcare