Republican AGs Oppose Department of Energy’s Proposed Gas Stove Standards

  • A coalition of 22 Republican AGs wrote a letter to the Department of Energy (DOE) in opposition to proposed standards that would ban the sale of gas stoves that do not meet certain requirements.
  • According to the letter, the proposed standards are flawed because they rely on an Interagency Working Group’s (IWG) estimates regarding the social costs of greenhouse gases that the AGs allege are value-laden rather than based on quantifiable data. The AGs also allege that the DOE did not fully consider federalism implications and constitutional issues under the Commerce Clause as required before promulgating a final standard.
  • The AGs ask the DOE to remove any references to the allegedly flawed IWG data, revisit the federalism analysis, and exclude intrastate commerce from the final standards in order to avoid constitutional issues.