Timeshare Exit Company to Pay Over $220,000 for Deceiving Consumers

  • Missouri AG Eric Schmitt obtained a default judgment against timeshare exit company Martin Management Group LLC and its owner (collectively “Martin Management”) over allegations that it charged upfront fees and failed to provide promised services in violation of Missouri’s Merchandising Practices Act.
  • The complaint alleged that Martin Management solicited large sums of money from customers by falsely guaranteeing to refund their payment if it could not obtain a release from their timeshare commitments within 180 days and instructed clients to redirect timeshare maintenance fees to itself, putting several customers in arrears with their timeshare holding companies.
  • According to the AG’s office, the judgment awards over $222,000 to the state, including approximately $170,000 for restitution and $52,000 in civil penalties and attorneys’ costs. The judgment also permanently enjoins Martin Management from offering or selling timeshare-exit services in the state.
  • As previously reported, AG Schmitt separately sued Brian Scroggs and four timeshare-exit companies under his control over similar allegations.