Washington Commanders Settle for $625,000 over Ticket Holders’ Security Deposits

  • District of Columbia AG Brian L. Schwalb reached a settlement with Pro-Football, Inc., the operator of the Washington Commanders NFL franchise, to settle allegations that the company violated the District’s consumer protection laws by unlawfully keeping the security deposits from Commanders fans who purchased multi-year season tickets.
  • The AG’s office alleges that, although Pro-Football’s contracts with season ticket holders stipulated that security deposits would be returned within 30 days of the expiration of the contract, the company deceptively retained many of the security deposits for years. The AG also alleges that Pro-Football created additional, extra-contractual requirements for security deposit refunds, such as the submission of a signed written request.
  • Under the terms of the settlement, Pro-Football must return approximately $200,000 in outstanding security deposits and pay $425,000 to the District for restitution.
  • This settlement is separate from the District AG’s ongoing lawsuit against Pro-Football for concealing a toxic workplace culture from fans. We have covered that lawsuit here.