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Montana AG Warns Google Over Potential Bias in Its AI System

Montana AG Austin Knudsen sent a letter to Google LLC warning it that its Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) system may violate state consumer protection and human rights laws. In the letter, AG Knudsen voices concerns that Gemini may prioritize providing outputs in line with Google’s political biases, manipulating or withholding information from consumers, and that…

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GOP AGs Tell BlackRock to be Bo(u)lder With Its Conflicts Oversight

A group of 15 Republican AGs sent a letter to BlackRock, Inc.’s fund directors (collectively, “BlackRock”) reiterating concerns as to whether the investment adviser has sufficiently investigated its ESG policies and potential conflicts of interest. In the letter, the AGs voice concerns over BlackRock’s conflicting statements raised in Tennessee’s December 2023 lawsuit against BlackRock regarding…

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16 AGs Caution SEC Over SHEIN's Potential IPO and Alleged Business Practices

Montana AG Austin Knudsen, joined by AGs from 15 other states, sent a letter to the SEC voicing concern regarding the possible Initial Public Offering of SHEIN, a fast-fashion retail giant affiliated with China. The AGs mention how several governmental, watchdog, and media sources have suggested SHEIN’s involvement in forced labor, human rights transgressions, intellectual…

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