Connecticut AG Tong Sues Reynolds over False Trash Bag Recyclability Claims

  • Connecticut AG William Tong sued Reynold Consumer Products, Inc. and Reynolds Consumer Products LLC (collectively “Reynolds”), maker of Hefty brand trash bags, over allegations that Reynolds falsely and deceptively marketed Hefty trash bags as “Recycling Bags” despite knowledge that their bags were incompatible with Connecticut recycling facilities, in violation of the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act.
  • The complaint alleges that the boxes in which Hefty trash bags are sold prominently and falsely claim they are suitable for use when recycling. The same misrepresentations are present on the Hefty website, including images of consumers using the bags to handle recyclable items. In fact, the bags are not recyclable in Connecticut’s mixed recycling system, and nothing about the bags make them more recyclable than any other basic garbage bag.
  • The complaint seeks injunctive relief to bar Reynolds from advertising false or misleading claims about Hefty bags suitability for recycling, fund a corrective education campaign to remedy the harm caused by the deceptive advertising, and civil penalties.