Fight Against Organized Retail Crime Continues with New Partnership

  • Arkansas AG Tim Griffin announced he is joining the Organized Retail Crime Alliance, a new collaboration between U.S. Homeland Security Investigations and law enforcement, prosecutors, and private sector partners from Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama to combat organized retail crime (ORC).
  • AG Griffin’s announcement emphasized that all consumers pay for the billions of dollars lost by ORC every year, in the form of higher prices at the cash register.
  • ORC is an issue gaining attention from AGs across the political spectrum—ORC was a hot topic of discussion during the AG Alliance Annual Meeting, and California AG Rob Bonta recently adopted an agreement aimed at curbing ORC in his state.
  • For further coverage of ORC as an emerging area of AG focus, tune into the recent State AG Pulse podcast episode, Wrangling Acronyms: SAGs, ORC and AI.